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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781399822510

Price: £24.99

ON SALE: 12th November 2024

Genre: Health & Personal Development

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Chinyelu Kunz is a childhood educational mentor and a leading parenting coach. Her expertise has supported thousands of families in their mission to nurture and encourage content, kind and thriving children, who continue to blossom into adulthood – and she distils it here into a must-buy book for parents seeking to raise emotionally healthy children.

The Little Book of Parenting covers everything you need to raise happy, resilient children from preschool to adult. Focusing on your emotional wellbeing as a starting point, it enables you to support your child with a healthy foundation, the ability to self-regulate, your dynamics as a family and the importance of clear but lovingly-set boundaries and solid routines.

Implementing the practical and emotional advice in this book will help parents unlock their child’s unique potential so they can thrive, grow into their best and unique self, and emerge into adulthood with a rock-solid foundation as a confident, happy and content being. There are special tips and advice and a plethora of actionable bite-sized takeaways which make the reader’s experience relaxing, digestible and relatable.


I wish this book had been available when my own children were young! By embracing parenting as the path of inner growth and healing that it is, Chinyelu gently (yet clearly and firmly!) guides parents through the ongoing process of increasing self-awareness and understanding young children. The wealth of skills provided can help the development of children's true potential - and our own as parents.
Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood and parenting educator and author of 'You Are Your Child's First Teacher'
The Little Book of Parenting is a must-read for any parent seeking to live a calmer and more grounded life! Chinyelu's inspiring and easy-to-follow guidance is just as transformative for parents as it is for children. Her expert approach to establishing daily rhythms in your home will enrich your family culture in ways you never could have imagined!
Courtney Diener-Stokes, award-winning ABC Network journalist and co-author of 'Farmhouse Manna' and the 'Kimberton Whole Foods Cookbook'
I remember the first time I met Chinyelu. I thought she must be royalty from some place; she was so elegant! As I came to know her over the years, the elegance remained, yet I began to also experience the deep waters that flowed through her soul as well as her well-grounded connection to the earth that informed her work with children and families over decades of dedicated care. With kindness and clarity, Chinyelu guides parents toward their understanding of the fundamental needs of their children and how to lay a foundation for life that will support their joy and well-being.
Cynthia Aldinger, Founder and Executive Director LifeWays North America. Author of 'Life Is The Curriculum', coauthor of 'Home Away From Home'