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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781399812689

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ON SALE: 9th May 2024

Genre: Health & Personal Development

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In recent years, the conversation around menopause has opened up; most of us understand what menopause means, and that it can be more than a few hot flushes and periods stopping.


Do we really know why menopause matters?

Menopause will directly affect approximately half the world’s population, and will indirectly affect the other half, too. There is a huge diversity of experiences that can potentially impact both short- and long-term physical, cognitive and emotional health and wellbeing, careers, relationships, families, friendships and finances.

How do you, your mother, your sister, your friends or your partner get the help and support that they need in all aspects of their lives, throughout the menopause transition and beyond?

Diane’s book can answer that – and so much more. Diane Danzebrink was one of the first people to campaign for better menopause education, care, and support. Her work has been critical in ensuring that menopause is now part of the RSE curriculum in schools in England, and to the way in which menopause is no longer seen as a shameful or trivial experience. Her book, Making Menopause Matter, guides us through all aspects of the menopause landscape; it reminds us not only of what menopause is – its scope, nature and potential impact – but also why it is important that we continue to call for access to support for all, enhanced understanding, and an acceptance that menopause is an individual experience. While it may not be a seamless transition, menopause does offer an important opportunity when the right help and support is in place.

Diane’s wise, compassionate writing offers practical advice along with deeper insights into how we can better support ourselves and those we know and love when their lives are impacted by menopause.

Part manifesto, a little memoir, plenty of self-help and ultimately a call to arms for society, public health and individuals alike, Making Menopause Matter should be required reading for all.


No one wants to be alone navigating menopause, and now you don't have to.
Clare Baumhauer, Founder, Vulval Cancer UK Awareness
If you are a woman, work with a woman or love a woman, pick this book up now, devour it and pass it on.
Katie Taylor, Founder, The Latte Lounge
Diane has the courage to both tell her story and write about how her experience led her to bravely make positive changes within the menopause space, raising awareness, providing education and making changes at government level. A must-read for anyone wanting to know more about menopause and how it impacts on all of us.
Kate Pleace, Women’s health specialist nurse, and nurse lecturer
The menopause world can feel noisy and chaotic at times but Diane has always been a calm, considered voice of reason. Don't get me wrong, she is also a force of nature, with her dogged determination to raise awareness around equitable menopause education and care. This guide contains everything you need to know about menopause: in her words, 'we will all go through, know, love or work with someone going through menopause', and I sincerely hope that it ends up in the hands of millions of people around the globe. We can do this. We can 'make menopause matter'.
Dr Zoe Hodson
Diane has written an essential guide that will walk with you through your menopause like a best friend who has your back. It encompasses everything that you, your partner or family need to know. It is relatable and is brimming with easy to follow advice and guidance, with all the information you need from physical and mental health, through to post-menopause and beyond. Whether you are in premature or early menopause, surgical, medical or natural menopause, this book will stand at the forefront of the menopause movement. If you only read one menopause book, make sure it's this one.
Jinty Sheerin & Lou Hockings-Thompson, Womenkind Collective Podcast
Diane is the UK's matriarchal grassroots menopause campaigner (she was campaigning long before it became fashionable!). She has turned her personal heartwrenching menopause story into a nationwide campaign to promote knowledge, awareness and support to all. This book provides the ultimate reasons why and how menopause really does matter.
Dr Sarah Ball
From one of the original menopause campaigners, this book offers a human and compassionate helping hand that will guide you through the complex world of menopause.
Fiona Clark, Founder, The Harley Street Emporium
Diane is the fairy godmother of the menopause movement. Her longstanding passion to improve the menopause journey for everyone shines through on every page of her fantastic book.
Dr Mandy Leonhardt, GP and Menopause Specialist
This book tackles the myths and misinformation surrounding the menopause, giving practical advice on what can, may and won't help to women of all ages.
Dr Juliet Balfour, GP and Menopause Specialist
This is the book we've all been waiting for. Written with Diane's no-nonsense approach and a smattering of her wry sense of humour, but from her warm, generous and open heart, within the pages of this book you will find everything you need to know about menopause, from symptoms and treatments to how menopause is viewed in society and what we all can do to educate ourselves and support others... Reading this book will equip everyone with the knowledge to make menopause matter.
Rachael Edgerton, mentor and campaigner
Through these pages, what delicately unfolds is the rich tapestry of menopause experiences, revealing many realities often overlooked by the media. This book is not just a read; it's an enriching experience that could mirror your own journey and those of countless others. Diane's gentle guidance is a reassuring beacon for the reader, illuminating the important nuances of menopause, leaving us more knowledgeable, confident and empowered advocates at every stage of this transformative journey. A must-read that will leave an indelible mark on those [...] supporting others.
Amantha King, Workplace Menopause Consultant
Diane Danzebrink's book stands out amongst Menopause literature, it felt like I was sitting with her as she told her story, and that of so many others. A truly inspiring, uplifting and relatable read which also clarified all the latest evidence-based information. Diane ... updates us on the journey of the campaign she launched back in 2018 and weaves it all together with her own heartfelt story and those of many others - all seeking to help our community. What a woman! We're so lucky to have her wisdom, care and passion to make Menopause matter; an outstanding book.
Dinah Simon, Menopause Pilates Expert
I have stopped being surprised by what Diane achieves but continue to be inspired by it. This book covers everything that you need to know about what to expect from the menopause, how to prepare, what your options are, and how to access help. A knowledgeable and empathic friend to keep by your side .
Dr Jacqueline Boden, GP and Menopause Specialist
I have been waiting for this fabulous book ever since Diane and I connected on social media 9 years ago. Diane is a great friend, and a tireless menopause campaigner, giving her time and expertise to educate and help me to navigate my journey. This book is going to help so many people and is essential reading for everyone, because menopause does not just affect the person going through it, it impacts upon partners, children, family, friends and work colleagues. I am so proud that we will be the generation to #MakeMenopauseMatter
Sam Evans, co-Founder, Jo Divine
Diane Danzebrink's unrivalled knowledge and personal experiences make this book an absolutely essential read for women who are living with the menopause, or anyone who needs to know more to support their families, friends, or colleagues.
Dave Messenger, EDI Lead, Watford Football Club
What sets this book apart is its unvarnished honesty. Diane, the global thought leader on menopause, with a flair for cutting through the fluff, addresses the complexities of menopause with a direct and engaging tone. It's a no-nonsense approach that speaks to the modern woman - one who is well-informed and discerning - doesn't shy away from the blunt truths.
Catherine O'Keeffe, Founder, Wellness Warrior
Diane Danzebrink is an absolute powerhouse within the menopause conversation. She is a source of knowledge, wisdom, encouragement and support to individual women, but has also been instrumental in putting menopause on the political agenda. I'm delighted to see her publish this book, which blends her own heart wrenching experiences with evidence-based information, advice, and the same no-nonsense campaigning approach she's admired for across the women's health community.
Sarah Graham, health journalist and author
This book should be on the recommended reading list for every medical school, and should be in every hospital library! It quite literally covers everything you need to know, and I will be giving it to friends and family. I especially appreciated the chapters on the more taboo menopausal issues including genitourinary syndrome of menopause and mental health - often the issues both women and clinicians are embarrassed to discuss.
Dr Alison Macbeth, GP, Menopause Specialist and Breast Care Doctor
This book speaks woman to woman. Diane writes with compassion and humility. With great skill she translates the evidence and guidance into a language that can be understood by all and does so with the insight and understanding that can only be gained from personal experience. As Diane would say, 'if you are a woman, you know a woman or you love a woman', I recommend that you read this book.
Dr Alice Duffy, Founder/Medical Director, Health in Menopause
This book is the absolute bible for any woman who is having hormone issues. It is a book that I as a British Menopause Society specialist and PPMC trainer will be recommending to my mentees and patients to read.
Hazel Hayden, RGN NMP, BMS accredited specialist
Absolutely amazing, and a must have tool to help navigate the world of menopause for everyone regardless of age or gender.
Emma Norman, Co-founder of Lichen Sclerosus & Vulval Cancer UK Awareness
An absolute must read! The most informative, empowering book that provides a deeper understanding of the mental and physical symptoms of the menopause journey and how it can affect you and those around you. A wonderful resource that I highly recommend to anyone entering their perimenopause years and beyond!
Natalie Anderson, Actress and Founder of The Capsule
As a specialist in the field, I have read several menopause books and I can honestly say that this book ticks all the boxes! It provides balanced, evidence-based information that cuts through the hype which tends to polarise views about this subject, to deliver the facts in a clear, understandable and relatable format. This book will empower women to make informed choices about how they manage their individual menopause transition.
Nick Panay, Professor of Practice, Imperial College London; President, International Menopause Society
Diane is just, quite simply, brilliant. Despite everything that has been thrown at her, from dealing with the whole thing in the first place, to devoting her time to help others. This book covers everything you need to know and didn't know you needed to know! And it's all done in a way that makes you feel like you're talking to a friend, which is how Diane makes me feel every time she comes on my show. Keep going, Diane, you utter legend!
Babs Michel, BBC Radio presenter and producer
A brilliantly honest and empowering book from menopause trailblazer, Diane Danzebrink shining a light on all paths to menopause and including a very candid account of her own experience, too. A must-read for anyone going through menopause and for those around us too.
Karen Newby, Menopause Nutritionist
A very realistic and sometimes poignant read. It truly is an essential guide for everyone (mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands, sons, employers and more) to learn about this important transition in women's life - symptoms, treatment options and support. It is very well explained and easy to understand. Well done Diane! It will help and support plenty. There is a lot of heart in this book and it shines throughout.
Dr Aziza Sesay, GP, GP educator, Honorary Senior Clinical lecturer, host, speaker and health content creator
The book is exquisite and an absolute must read from the mothership of menopause for any age to learn and feel connected!
Victoria Hardy, Menopause & Mental Health Speaker