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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529363241

Price: £12.99

ON SALE: 4th August 2022

Genre: Health & Personal Development

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A master synthesizer of attachment science, medical practice, and his own experience as a father, Harold Koplewicz capably and compassionately leads us through the art of scaffolding, from early childhood through the important adolescent period.‘ – Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author of The Whole Brain Child

Prevent and counteract the general anxiety and emotional fragility prevalent in children and teenagers today – a new parenting philosophy and strategies that give children the tools to flourish on their own.

Just as sturdy scaffolding is necessary when erecting a building and will come down when the structure grows stable, good parenting provides children with steady and warm emotional nourishment on the path toward independence. Never-ending parental problem-solving and involvement can have the opposite effect, enabling fragility and anxiety over time.

In The Scaffold Effect, world-renowned child psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz introduces the powerful and clinically tested idea that this deliberate build-up and then gradual loosening of parental support is the single most effective way to encourage kids to climb higher, try new things, grow from mistakes and develop character and strength.

Explaining the building blocks of an effective scaffold from infancy through young adulthood, he expertly guides parents through the strategies for raising empowered, capable people, including:

Lay a solid foundation: The parent-child relationship needs to be made from the concrete mixture of emotional availability, positive reinforcement, clear messaging, and consistent rules. From this supportive base, your will forge a bond that will survive adolescence and grow stronger into adulthood.

Empower growth: Skyscraper or sprawling bungalow – the style of your child’s construction is not up to you! Scaffold parenting validates and accommodates the shape the child is growing into. Any effort to block or control growth will actually stunt it.

Stay on their level: Imagine being on the ground floor of a house and trying to talk to someone on the roof. The person on the roof will have to ‘talk down’ to you or yell. If your child’s building and your scaffold are on the same level, you can speak directly, look each other in the eye, and keep the lines of communication open.

Drawing on Dr Koplewicz’s decades of clinical and personal experience, The Scaffold Effect is a compassionate, smart and essential guide for the ages.

All the author’s proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Child Mind Institute.


Dirty secret: I normally hate parenting books. But Harold Koplewicz's The Scaffold Effect is just like him: warm, to-the-point, and wonderfully empathetic. It takes real talent to do what he has accomplished in this book: assemble the best science, probe the wisest clinical minds (including his own), and then weave everything together into a highly readable and relatable narrative that's both useful and fun. With a unique mix of personal anecdote and professional insight, he breaks with received wisdom, delivers up some eye-opening surprises - and sends the greatly reassuring message to parents that, if we take care of ourselves, our kids will be okay.
Judith Warner, author of 'And Then They Stopped Talking to Me' and 'Perfect Madness'
The Scaffold Effect is written with so much understanding and so much sympathy, for both children and their parents. Harold Koplewicz brings science and clinical experience together with his own family experiences to create a book that is always practical and compassionate, and manages to be firm, gentle, and encouraging in all the right ways.
Perri Klass, MD, professor of journalism and pediatrics at NYU and author of 'A Good Time to Be Born: How Science and Public Health Gave Children a Future'
This compassionate, witty, and street-smart guide to helping kids become independent young adults is a gift to parents everywhere. Harold Koplewicz gives us the tools to build strong, safe support around our children, and then trust that they will launch all the better for it and grow into their own destiny
Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD, author of 'The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age'
Drawing on decades of clinical expertise and an organization that does some of the most compelling research on kids and mental health in this country, Dr Koplewicz has written a practical, engrossing, and singularly useful book. Healthy adults don't just happen.
Madeline Levine, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of 'he Price of Privilege' and 'Teach Your Children Well'
In this era of searing fear and uncertainty, and out of the turbulent sea of contradictory parenting advice, emerges, blessedly, Harold Koplewicz's authoritative counsel. A true giant of child psychiatry, Koplewicz has condensed his immense knowledge, wisdom, and experience into a practical and actionable plan. The Scaffold Effect is an instant classic, a godsend for us all.
Edward M. Hallowell, author of 'Driven to Distraction' and 'ADHD 2.0'
The Scaffold Effect is an engaging, practical, and even humorous guide through the challenges and opportunities of parenting.
Daniel J. Siegel, MD, New York Times bestselling co-author of 'The Whole-Brain Child'
Full of vivid examples of the evergreen effectiveness of scaffolding - the best way to support children as they grow (and grow away from us) - it's a book for the ages.
Wendy Mogel, New York Times bestselling author of 'The Blessing of a Skinned Knee'
Koplewicz gives parents... the tools to raise resilient, confident and capable children.