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What Every Woman Needs to Know About Fertility

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399814591

Price: £16.99

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Written by a fertility nurse specialist and a sexual health information expert, What Every Woman Needs to Know About Fertility is the most comprehensive, practical and accessible guide to fertility awareness methods available.

This essential guide to reproduction puts you in control of your fertility by explaining how your body works, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about your sexual and reproductive health. It answers every conceivable question about fertility awareness using detailed images, charts and a step-by-step guide to tracking your temperature and observing the bodily changes associated with ovulation, and gives clearly defined guidelines for how to plan, or avoid, a pregnancy.

Dispelling the myths around fertility awareness methods, and explaining the pros and cons of reproductive technologies such as fertility apps, this book also gives practical answers to the questions that all women ask, including:

* Want to understand reproduction and how your body works?
* Want to know how to plan or avoid pregnancy?
* Want to use fertility awareness methods?
* Fertility apps – what do I need to know?

Take control of your fertility and make informed choices at all stages of your reproductive life.

With insights into optimum health and preconception care, plus detailed practical advice to ensure the best possible conditions for pregnancy, What Every Woman Needs to Know About Fertility provides unique, comprehensive guidance and choices for all on how to plan or avoid pregnancy naturally.


Are you a woman wanting to avoid pregnancy and would prefer to use fertility awareness methods? Or to plan one? Or are you experiencing difficulties in conceiving? Are you a partner, or even family member or friend, of someone in that position? This book should be essential reading, and is highly recommended. It is written with warmth, understanding and expertise by two long-standing professionals in this field. Authoritative, based on clear evidence, it is designed to be dipped into, or read cover to cover, and will have something of interest for anybody. Authors Knight and Belfield have set out to write a guidebook that will reassure and answer just about every question you might have on the subject - and have succeeded.
Suzie Hayman, author, agony aunt, relationship counsellor and parenting practitioner
In an age where pregnancy can now be a choice, women have never been in more need of authoritative yet supportive advice about that important decision. What Every Woman Needs to Know about Fertility, written by two experienced specialist health professionals meets that need, offering accurate information, focused insight and helpful guidance into both getting and not getting pregnant. The authors have effectively managed to inform and inspire their readers as they face (what I know from my work with clients who enter the battlefield of fertility) the huge challenge of conception or not. Essential reading for choosing the right reproductive options for you.
Susan Quilliam, relationship advice columnist, author of (the revised) 'The Joy of Sex'
What an empowering read! It gives every woman who is (or is thinking of being) sexually active the calm and detailed facts to make effective decisions about her fertility - and is essential reading for partners too.
Deidre Sanders MBE, agony aunt on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, long-time editor of 'The Sun’s' ‘Dear Deidre’ problem page
This highly informative yet easy-to-read book exploring fertility awareness will guide potential users through the complexities of managing their birth control without the need for hormones or barrier methods. Being able to understand how our bodies work is explained with the aid of informative images and charts. This book will also be invaluable for those planning pregnancies, highlighting the most fertile days and ensuring good preconception advice. I think this book will also be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of every healthcare professional working in the field of contraception and reproductive health, along with those in primary care and gynaecology.
Dr Diana Mansour, Consultant in Community Gynaecology, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
A beautifully clear, detailed and up-to-date account of fertility awareness. This is the go-to book for those wanting either to avoid or achieve pregnancy.
Professor Sam Rowlands, Visiting Professor, Department of Medical Science and Public Health, Bournemouth University
This is the resource I wish I'd had to help discuss fertility with everyone - users, colleagues and students.
Shelley Raine, Nurse Specialist in Contraception, Hampshire