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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529394740

Price: £10.99

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As seen on the BBC documentary, Inside Our Autistic Minds, with Chris Packham

‘A MUST-READ’ Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate

One of the biggest challenges if you are an autistic adult (or suspect you might be) is navigating the situations which to the predominantly neurotypical population might appear completely benign but which cause you huge stress, anxiety and worry.

At work, at university, in social situations, in friendships, relationships, in shops, in unfamiliar environments – there are a wealth of things that can make you feel overwhelmed if the world is full of things that you feel nobody else notices but which cause you huge distress.

Dr Luke Beardon has put together an optimistic, upbeat and readable guide that will be essential reading not just for any autistic adult, but for anyone who loves, lives with or works with an autistic person. Emphasising that autism is not behaviour, but at the same time acknowledging that there are risks of increased anxiety specific to autism, this practical book gives clear strategies that the autistic person can adopt to minimise their anxiety and live comfortably in a world full of what may seem to be noise and chaos.

At the same time, Avoiding Anxiety in Autistic Adults this book gives clear guidelines and mission statements to those who live or work with autistic people that they, too, can implement to accommodate needs that are different to their own, taking a radical new step towards a genuinely inclusive world in which autistic people don’t just survive, but in which they thrive.


Dr Beardon's book highlights that anxiety for Autistic people exists not because we are predisposed to it, but as a very real response to the negative consequences of the environments around us. Taking us through stages of when anxiety might be heightened, Dr Beardon validates Autistic experience; suggesting where Autistic people could take some control and focusing not on Autistic people as the ones who need to change, but instead on how those around us can and should change.
Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate
So many excellent ideas, with insightful and important examples from the experiences of autistic people throughout. This book is easy to read, full of practical advice, and has led me to think deeply about autistic anxiety. From sensory and healthcare needs, diagnosis and employment, through to relationships and relaxation, there is something for everyone.
Ann Memmott
An accessible and essential guide to understanding the subtleties that can cause anxiety for autistic people; with simple tips that can make a huge difference. You will meet autistic people, so please read this book.
Cos Michael
Covering crucial areas such as employment, healthcare and relationships, this book empowers autistic people and their loved ones to advocate for a better quality of life. As always, Luke's knowledge, passion and wealth of experience shines through every page.
Heather Greatbatch