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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529383638

Price: £14.99

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‘A masterclass in understanding’ ANNIE GRACE, author of This Naked Mind

Ten questions to ask yourself, right now:
* Do you have a sense that something is wrong, but you don’t know what it is?
* Do you have a feeling that you are hollow inside, that you are empty or have a void within?
* Do you react badly to rejection?
* Do you often feel sad, unhappy or down for no obvious reason?
* Would you describe yourself as highly sensitive?
* Do you have problems with relationships and intimacy?
* Do you engage in addictive behaviour – alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, food, sex, work, exercise?
* Do you have low self-esteem or self-worth – are you not ‘good enough’?
* Do you have a sense of being numb to your feelings?
* Do you rarely experience true joy and happiness?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, there is a strong chance you have experienced emotional neglect or trauma as a child. An emotionally neglected child may struggle to form strong and secure attachments as an adult. They may feel hollow or empty, worthless (or overly important), judge themselves harshly and struggle with addictive tendencies – drinking, eating or exercising too much, for example. If this describes you, Heal Your Inner Child will change your life and give you back the love, compassion and authenticity you needed as a child, and deserve as an adult.

Fomer heavy drinker turned sobriety coach Simon Chapple is – like you – a survivor of childhood trauma. His unique brand of straight-talking, practical yet reflective and relatable advice has helped thousands of people quit drinking, and he can help you now to move on from childhood emotional neglect to a place of happiness free from past trauma. How to Heal Your Inner Child is a stepped and safe approach to confronting your past, with space for reflective and supportive strategies that will help you to foster self-compassion and break free from the destructive behaviours that have blighted your life. Clinically endorsed and verified by a psychotherapist, this deeply personal, unflinchingly honest exploration is designed to unlock your own epiphany and support you as you journey to a happier, less troubled and more authentic self.


Simon takes [readers] by the hand and walks them through the incredible process of change.
Annie Grace, Author of 'This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness and Change Your Life'
Incredibly important... a great resource for anyone looking to be more whole, healed and fully alive!
Jenn Kautsch, Founder, SoberSis
Honest, self-aware and warm.
Katya Lamb
For a long time I felt like something was missing, that I was stuck... I've read many self help books without seeing much progress, but this one is different. It's packed full of practical tips that genuinely work; a brilliant, straightforward approach. I can't recommend this book highly enough.
Sarah O., London
Masterfully written and relatable; a must read for anyone seeking help with addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, dysfunctional relationships, career loss, or ongoing problematic situations.
Lois Badey
Packed full of wisdom, understanding and practical techniques that help readers to recognize and release their inner child... A hugely important book.
Robert Sanders, Therapist and Coach
Simon Chapple has done it again... clear and powerful, a book that guides us expertly as we learn to navigate our own landscapes of healing and growth.
Rob Wolman, Recoverfreedom.org
How to Heal Your Inner Child provides everything required to help readers find understanding, purpose, peace and happiness in their lives by gently unpacking and making sense of their past. Filled with useful tactics and delivered in an easy-to-digest style, this book will help transform your life.
Lou Lebentz, Trauma Thrivers